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HDPVR performance.

Question asked by francis on Dec 20, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2012 by [shaw]ali

I have recently purchased a new HDPVR (Motorola DCX 3510-M) and have several problems here in North Vancouver.  Last night we toggled between TV and DVD but were unable to get TV signal.  I unplugged the unit, let it reboot and went through another toggle to DVD and back, and got signal but the Menu function would not come up.  I unplugged the box again and it came back; this has happened before.


My questions are:


1.  Surely doing a hard reboot like this cannot be normal.  What is going on with this box? From the discussions others have posted this seems to be a common problem and not something that is tolerated with any other new technology.

2.  Moving to guide or selecting a new channel is very slow, why?

3.  When in guide I can only move down the list one click at a time.  Can the scroll function be adjusted to be able to hold the button down and move through the listings faster, as was the case with my old Motorola DCT 6416 III?

4.  When setting up a recording how do I select to record with extended time?  Again this was a choice on the old box.

5.  With my new package, i.e. the big EXPENSIVE one, I no longer have HBO.  What's up with that?  I want that channel back and don't expect to have to pay more than the $90 per month package charge.