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Pausing, Rewinding and Fast Forwarding VOD, or Live T.V. Remote Control

Question asked by karinhiebert on Dec 20, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2013 by mark_vse

We are having issues with the above subject matter.

Last night we paused a VOD movie, when we went to play it, it wouldnt play. We couldn't rewind, or fast forward.

Went on twitter for help.

Naturally the answer was to unplug the power from the box to reset it. This has been the 'answer' to all of our issues. In doing this we lose what is being recorded, and then have issues with fast forwarding our movie to where we left off.

We have never had to 'reset' an HDPVR box so much ever in all our time of having an HDPVR box!

We have the same issues with recordings. If we happen to walk away without actually pausing the recording and want to rewind, it doesn't...the rewind is extremely slow, and doesn't rewind to where we want it. Even if we rewind, or play 'start from beginning' and fast forward to where we left off it skips to where we left off???

Very strange...

we have had issues which are a daily occurrence since purchasing this new HDPVR box 2 weeks ago...they came and swapped the box out for a new one the other day. We were hopeful that these issues wouldnt occur anymore...alas...same problems!


No idea why we keep having these daily issues...very frustrating...