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Tempers in Trail

Question asked by scorpedo on Dec 21, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2014 by shaw-matt

Anyone else in Trail BC getting the run around from Shaw about the internet?


I phone Shaw before signing up, twice, and was told both times that I would receive 20Mbps download speeds. In fact the lady got a touch snarky as I kept making sure she said 20. So, I get my modem and brand new lines installed and tada! Net doesn't work. Okay, they think it's a faulty modem. Np, the techs come out and spend over 3 hours changing it. Yes, 3 hours, it wasn't working right. In a rush the leave with a passing mention to my wife "It's working now." and they rush out the door.
I get home from work, and am overjoyed to see the download speeds are at a crazy rate of 1.3-1.8Mbps. A very far cry from the 20 I was promised, twice.
So I call tech support...again. I am told they can't help me. Call customer service.
They tell me, we can't help you, call tech support....
Okay, back to tech. He informs me that it is a server issue, no details, but they hope to have it fixed by Feb...maybe. And I just need to wait...
Okay, so you want me to pay, for 3 months, with no service...but you might have it fixed later?
Now granted, the tech was kind, and understanding. He offered to leave a note on my account and if/when the service is repaired I can get a rebate...however, the longer I sit here ( on my telus net since shaw won't connect) 0_o The more I realize how much of a rip off this really is. It has been two days, they want me to pay for 3 more months (maybe more) and I have no service from them at all. It was so bad in fact I unhooked everything and just turned it off. Why pay for the little blinking green lights even?
I asked if it would be best for them to just come and take their modem back but was again informed that I have to wait at least 30 days to cancel. Hmn, the lady who was so quick to sign me up never mentioned that part to me...So, fellow people of the internet, tell me please, do you have any better service from Shaw here in Trail? Cause my first experience is less than satisfactory.