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What does 'provisioning' mean?

Question asked by schoonergirl on Dec 21, 2012
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OK, I got my webmail set up [twice! - it would be better if the POP/SMTP settings were at the bottom and the Exchange/ advanced settings were the first things I read in the instructions!] on BOTH my iPad and iPhone, but now when I go into Preferences/ Mobile and look at the Status of my mobile devices [down near the bottom over on the right hand side] I see that both Apple devices are registered but Status indicates they both "Need Provisioning." I don't know what that is - if it's in the settings on my devices, it's called something other than 'provisioning' because there is no Provisioning setting on either device. What does your system mean by 'provisioning' and shouldn't you have this term hyper-linked to someplace with an explanation?

Schoonergirl, Richmond BC