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Security for Webmail 2.0

Question asked by alpugh on Dec 22, 2012
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I am writing to bring up an important point.

Ask anyone who knows anything about email security and they will tell you that the longer the password the better. They will also tell you to use characters other than just letters and numbers. With the old webmail, I was told that these options were not possible. Only alpha-numeric could be used and I think the limit was 8 characters. I was told that Shaw was working on allowing longer passwords.

Do you know how easy it is to crack an 8 character alpha-numeric password if you really wanted to get into somebody's email?


Webmail 2.0 is here, and while I thoroughly dislike it, as I feel it is poorly coded and very rough in some places in the user interface, the password length remains 8 characters.  The password I chose is TEN characters long, but if I only type in the first EIGHT characters I can log in. I assume you can make your password as long as you want but it will make no difference for security because only the first 8 of the characters will mean anything when you log on. So in effect the longest password anyone can have is still 8 characters!

Can Shaw PLEASE modernize its email security and address this area as soon as possible?


I have been a very pleased Shaw user for many years.

The service is great and when I have a problem I can usually get help by phone or online.

The one main issue I have right now is webmail 2,



A. Pugh