3510 problems

Discussion created by cenrehalf on Dec 24, 2012

Some legitimate points have been made and I'd like to emphasize the ones I am worried about. It's all well and good to get a new guide but when it's not as good or reliable as the previous one, it shouldn't have been rolled out.


1. One cannot save a search so it has to be repeated each and every time a search is done. Hopefully that can be remedied. Typing MASTERPIECE each time is quite tiresome.

2. ********On the older guide, pressing it twice brought up the channel programs for at least 3 weeks.  I can't do this on the new guide and it is very, very frustrating. How can one easily program shows if they are away for an extended period of time? You can't. Please fix that!

3. When I pick a search option, say movies, can we get more options like choosing the type to search for?

4. How does one go to the "software update screen"? I did it once and now it's gone.

5. And where is the local weather in the guide?