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trouble connecting to internet

Question asked by sgodlovitch on Dec 24, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2013 by [shaw]ali

I've got two old Toshiba laptops (Satellite A100 and M70-SR3) on XP. I'm having different troubles getting them to connect to the Internet.


The A100 behaved perfectly well on the wifi until a few days ago. The indicator says there's a connection but now when I try to get onto any internet URL, I get error messages saying the page is not available. This is "because the DNS lookup failed". I've tried all the advice in the Shaw site troubleshooting as well as advice from some other sources. It doesn't work when it is hardwired into the Cisco modem. Since it has been working recently, and since I've other machines - one older XP  and one newer Win7 - working just fine at present, something needs adjusting on the A100.


The M70-SR3 has never been able to connect to the internet, though it seems otherwise to be no different from the other XP machines, one of which is currently running fine and one which did until very recently.


I've checked the network hardware on both machines and it's all OK. All the other indicators seem to be as they should be. These are clearly two different kinds of problem because the A100 connected properly until very recently. Any advice?