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BroadBrand 100 extreme slow problem (Saskatoon)

Question asked by sc86 on Dec 25, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 25, 2012 by [shaw]ali

I have been on the phone couple times and all i get is the same old useless steps for some 12 years old to reset their modem, and it only resolve the issue for 1 minute after resetting the modem then back to the same status. (I don't exclude the option that the Docsis3.0 that i have is malfunctioning since i been using the same modem in 3 different address already, but i highly doubt that.)


Im only topping 30~40Mbps if im lucky early in the morning, during noon~evening my speed would dip down to around 5~7Mbps, and during peak hours and holiday im dipping down to below 1Mbps even loading hotmail or the shaw support site gives me an headach.


Not only this interfare with my work since i require a "Real" broadband connection for it, but also im paying 90 dollars a month for this, mean while my room mate who is in the next room running on sasktel's 5mb plan is faster than im anyday anytime.


Im 2 weeks away from cancelling my BB100 plan and switch to sasktel's infinet instead, no point of keep paying for a service that im not getting at all if theres no real solution or atleast somekind of responds telling me someone is working on something about this conjestion problem on the network itself.



Docsis is connected directly to the feed the shaw tech pulled in without any splitter, while my desktop is connected to the docsis through a CAT5e. And is a brandnew house without any aged wire problem.