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Is there a way to block "Unavailable Name" on call display?

Question asked by suzq on Dec 26, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2013 by mikb

Just wondering if there is anything that Shaw can do to block all calls that have the call display name "Unavailable Name".

My call blocking list is totally full (only 35 or so numbers are allowed). Would love that to be doubled to 60 at least if they could!

Plus I have used *77 to block private callers (where the name that shows up is "Private".) I thought that would also work for "Unavailable Name" but it doesn't.

If there could be a new feature created for Shaw users that we could engage that would specifically block any calls that were listed as "Unavailable Name" - I think a HUGE majority of  telemarketers ...(oh sorry  - companies that are conducting "surveys" and therefore don't have to abide by the national do not call list) - would be filtered from constantly calling homes all across the country!



Anybody have any suggestions?