New HDPVR Problems and Issues

Discussion created by 13house on Dec 26, 2012
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Hey Ali

I have a few problems with my DCX I would like to address with you. I know people have had problems with missed recordings, as have I. This is caused by the box shifting into an Offline Mode. When it does this it still broadcasts the channels, but it won't record or allow access to the guide. At some random point it will switch back to Online Mode and everything will continue normally, but you won't have any recordings during the Offline segment. I hope you can find an answer to this.


I also found a glitch you might be unaware of. If you switch the resolution under the video section to 1080i/1080p, most of the SD channels come up in 4x3 instead of 16x9 (and yes my box is set up to stretch under aspect ratio, it just doesn't work). So channels 9,10,11, 13, 17, etc. all show in 4x3 with side bars. When you switch to 1080i, these channels switch to 16x9. Something to address, I'd rather have the 1080p option available.


Here is my big problem. If I look on any of my older DCT'S, when a channel like CBC is playing a SD show like the Grinch for example, the SD channel (6) plays in 16x9, but the HD channel (209) plays in 4x3 with bars on the side. This is the same for any number of channels like 12 and 201, or 13 and 212. When it's a current HD show they are the same, but when it's an older SD show, the lower channel displays in 16x9, the HD channel in 4x3. The problem now is that with the new box I can only access the HD channel, so I get a lot of shows in 4x3 with bars. Channel 13 is a great example, it's always 4x3. And yes, again, I'm set to stretch. Why would I want to watch an HD channel in 4x3? Last light I had Channel 3,4,5,6,13 just to name a few, in 4x3. I know it was a rare occasion that they all would be playing older SD Christmas shows, but still no excuse. Please help me with these problems. They are just a few of the many.