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Motorola DCX 3400 recording indicators?

Question asked by servalan on Dec 26, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2012 by kevinds

Today I hooked up the DCX 3400 that I recently bought.  I'm pleased with it so far for the small amount of time that I have been using it.  However, I do have an annoyance.   When I record two programs at once I notice that there is only one recording indicator (rec1) that is lit up on the front panel.  I am a little confused with this.   Is this normal for the DCX 3400 not to show two recording indicators when recording two programs at the same time?  Or is there a setting in the various menus that I have neglected to change??  With my previous PVR a Pace Whistler HDPVR when recording two programs at the same time there were always two red indicator lights lit.


Thanks for any help in advance!!!