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Webmail 2.0 does not load emails

Question asked by dgarson on Dec 27, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2012 by kevinds

Hi there, am new to this forum!


I am having an issue with my shaw webmail. I have two setups: home and away form home. At home, I access my shaw mail with Outlook Express and when I am away from home, I check my emails with webmail 2.0


The main problem that I am having is that these two setups don't seem to be "talking" with each other. What I mean is, when I read emails on webmail 2.0 they do not mark themselves as "read" when I use Outlook Express. I also have an issue with getting webmail 2.0 to load all of the emails I have in my inbox (with Outlook Express) , as well as contacts and folders while I am on the road. My understanding is that this is a Microsoft Exchange server (so says my son-in-law) and that any change made on either program; it reflects these changes on both programs... but this is not happening with my setup. Can anyone help me?


Thanks in advance.