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Trouble getting TV and VCR to work

Question asked by geoffwass on Dec 28, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2012 by kevinds

My parents have a analogue Sony TV and VCR. We were able to get the Shaw DCT700 to work with the TV by running the supplied coaxial cable from the wall to the DCT700 and then the RCA cable (red-yellow-white) from the DCT700 to the TV.


We then tried to add the VCR. Since we had started with the RCA cables and the VCR had previously been hooked to the TV with RCA cables, we decided to go with them. Following the RCA-based diagram in the DCT700 guide, we kept the coaxial cable from the wall to the DCT700. We then used an RCA cable to connect the DCT700 to the VCR and ran another RCA cable from the VCR to the TV. We were able to get the VCR to work (using Video 1), but not the TV. We tried Video 1, 2 and TV, but could not get a TV signal anywhere. We tried turning the VCR on and off. We tried changing cables, etc.


In desperation we changed the configuration. We kept the full RCA configuration described above, but added a coaxial cable from the DCT700 to the TV. This is our own configuration: it is not in the guide. It works, but the picture quality of the TV doesn't seem quite a colourful. As well, switching from TV to VCR and back requires being in TV mode to switch between TV to Video 1 and then you have to be in Aux (VCR) mode to turn the VCR on or off.


Is there a better configuration?


If my parents need additional help, would they be able to phone Shaw and arrange a visit? I'm returning home to Montreal soon, so I'm not around much longer to help them.


Thank you in advance for your help!



Geoff Wass