Excellent Shaw Service!!

Discussion created by tc10 on Dec 29, 2012
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Has anyone else had excellent customer service recently?


From my perspective, Shaw, you have one of the best customer service approaches in the home technology field. You have great people with great skills and customer service and you actually follow-up. I have required help a few times in the past couple of months and it has been excellent.  And you keep improving based, in part, on our feedback.

I Just had a gateway system put in yesterday for 3 TVs. Two weeks ago, I  had 3 digital drops put in at my Mom's place. Very good use of technology for the techs and teamwork between the in-house tech and your office support.

Also very good followup on comments submit through the Shaw support website. 

If you can, Keep up the callback service for all calls! I really like being asked at the beginning of the call if there is a wait If I want a callback.


I retired from the IT field in government and know how much work goes into providing this level of service. Well done.



Technology can be challenging. Keep up the good work!


And hope you and all your staff have a Happy New Year!