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Having issues with Shaw Gateway System

Question asked by mattchew1296 on Dec 30, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2013 by warskull

Hi, I have been having an issue with our new system. When ever we go to access VOD we get an error "Networking error (P004)". The other problem is that on the Gateway itself. Only the MOCA and WIFI lights are on.

.......I have contacted Shaw and they tried things from their end and me doing the power cycle, but nothing has worked. They have scheduled at technician to come out next week, but I am not happy with this right now. We are paying for all the services, and we cant access VOD, record shows (this is because the clocks arnt set right on the portals and the guide is behind by 20min. As well as we cant access our recordings.


Hopefully somebody will be able to assist with this before next week as we are getting tired of it