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Trying to start a purchased movie from the beginning...

Question asked by pucksmom on Dec 30, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2013 by shaw-matt

I am getting really frustrated with the new guide and the DCX3510 HDPVR.  My husband purchased a movie last night and ended it during the credits.  I am now trying to watch it but I can't get it to start from the beginning as I could previously.  I have to wait out the credits or rewind it which takes forever.


I am also having all the same functionality issues that others are having. Missing the ends of shows because I have paused it and the new show starts so it goes live without warning which then defeats the purpose of pausing a show.  None of the subscription movies are separated so it's a mess to try and find any of them.  Takes forever to acknowledge we've pressed a button.  Sometimes when it's been paused it freezes and I have to start the whole bit from the beginning and forward through, which again defeats the purpose of being able to pause a show.


At this point, it looks pretty and that is it.  About a day away from plugging in my old HDPVR and saying to heck with it.