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DC758D (w/ 1TB Expander) keeps freezing + rebooting itself

Question asked by rickyl-bc on Feb 19, 2015
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On February 17, my house experienced a split second power outage (most likely caused by the car accident nearby that crashed a hydro pole). Since then, my PVR has started to reboot itself every 2-5 minutes (even though I connected all my electronics to surge protected power bars).


I have read other discussions here and tried all the methods mentioned. It seemed like the DC758D worked fine without the expander. Then I was able to get into the Diagnostic Menu, but Scan Disk was unsuccessful after just 2, 60, and 20 seconds in (I tried 3 times).


So what should be my next course of action? Will Shaw replace my expander for free? Or will I have buy another one from Shaw or other places?


This is my only box in the house. I hate life without TV. Please help. Thanks.