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Shaw digital network work upgrade :(

Question asked by dalis on Feb 19, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2015 by shaw-tamara

I must say but not impressed with Shaw's digital network upgrade.


I have 6 televisions in the house with cable running to them.  Two of which have shaw digital boxes.  One in the family room with a pvr and the games room with a basic digital box.  So Shaw is making me rent or buy 4 more boxes.  Not good Shaw.

To top it off there is no way in hell two tvs are going to get this digital box.  Our shower has a water proof tv that was working fine til yesterday.  Can't see any way to get a digital box to work.  OTA won't work because the tv is from china and has no atsc tuner to pickup the channels.  Thanks Shaw I have a tv in my shower that is useless.  The tv in the the hot tub outside is in the same senerio.  Thanks Shaw can't use my tv in the hot tub either.


Just me venting, Shaw please revert back!!!