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Slow internet problems? Just switch providers.

Question asked by zhaorong2003 on Dec 30, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2013 by marble5

I'm just going to encourage w/ frequent internet slowdowns to just switch providers.
Although Shaw's customer service isn't bad, it's clear the company doesn't give a damn about their customers. I just got an 8 month ETA to fix a problem plaguing so many people.

Look at this speed test:
0.15mb/s download and 0.03mb/s upload with a 544 ping. I can't get anything done.

I'm honestly tired of having to get all my stuff done before 8PM because then there's no point of even trying. I'm currently looking into MTS because honestly at this point i'd love to have a consistent 10mb/s download than this crap.


Sorry Shaw, and thanks to any Shaw representatives that tried to help, but until the company gets their act together i think i'm going to find someone that can actually provide what they advertise.