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I am unable to download any update - all get invalid signature or package errors

Question asked by fisherhum on Dec 31, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2013 by fisherhum

I am unable to update anything on my network.  I have reset all the routers, Shaw support helped with the setup today.  every time I try to update an app on itunes, the update on the itunes store, download or update from the google play store, update the PS3 etc I get the same type of error.

The itunes store says the download has an invalid signature, PS3 says the download has an error and had to quit, google play store says invalid package.  All of the errors happen after the download is complete and is being applied or setup.


I have tried over the wireless as well as plugged directly into the Shaw Modem but same problems.  Since the error happens when plugged right into the modem I can't see how it is anything but an issue with the Shaw connection ?  Any suggestions or solutions would be greatly appreciated.