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I just bought the new DCX3510-M and am not too happy with it.

Question asked by karim1234 on Dec 31, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2013 by rockets

First the positives:

- Sexier guide which fills up the entire 16:9 screen allowing you view two hours worth, but it's not customizable (say you want to view only one hour's worth with more description of the show).

- Music by Galaxie provides album art with view of next song, and previous song.  Love it!

- 500GB space is great.

- Channel VOD is nice, but everytime I got to use it I get " Channel's VOD content is temporarily unavailable.  Please try again later.".

Now for the negatives:

- The guide is slow.  I set default to guide with pic. in pic (Traditional Guide), and say I hit guide again, it goes to mini guide.  Now when I exit and go back to guide, it doesn't go to my default of Traditional, instead it goes to mini guide, the guide I exited with.  What happened to my setting the default of Traditional?

- When watching a recording, I cannot view the guide.  My old PVR allowed this, and this is a lost feature.

- When watching a "live" show, pressing Page Down took the show 5 min. back.  Similarly pressing Page Up took 5 minutes up.  On the new box pressing Page Down takes you back to the beginning of the show.  This was a handy feature.  It operates correctly on recoded show (i.e 5 min. back when pressing Page Down), so why no consistency with "live" shows?

- "View upcoming times for this title" in the info part of a particular show is missing.  I no longer have the ability to quickly view when a show of the same title will be next on.  This was available on my old PVR.  Instead I have to go to search and manually enter the show, which I can't save searches for.  Another lost feature.

- When viewing a Movie info it does not tell me if it's "Drama, Comedy, Action/Adventure", etc. like the old PVR, and when you read the description of a movie, it only seems to allow so many characters, and then you get "..." so I can never finish reading the rest of the description of a movie.   Hitting Info, and "more Info." and only takes you back to where you were.  Plus all movies on the old PVR's were coloured purple.  On the new box they're randomly underlined purple so I can't tell what are movies at a quick glance.  Same goes for Sports: they were all coloured green on my old PVR, but random on the new box.  Very handy at quick glance of the guide on my old PVR and another lost feature.

- Series recording doesn't allow to extend a particular recording by a minute or two like the old box.  Some of the shows can tend to run a bit over so I've learned to extend those recording by a minute or two.  Not available on this box.  Plus you can't quickly tell how many recordings are set for a particular Series recording like the old box (i.e. if I had set a recording for Seinfeld, I could quickly tell there were 10 shows of Seinfeld to be recorded for the next two weeks).  Now I have to go to Schedule and search with everything I've set a recording to and depending where I exit in schedule, that's where it'll land next time I enter Schedule, instead of going to the beginning.  Very frustrating and another lost feature.

In conclusion, unless someone can tell me how to resolve my issues, I don't think I should be spending more money for just a sexier guide and more space for recording when I lost so many features I relied on.  I've also had the guide freeze on me three times in two days, and only way to resolve was to power cycle it.  I think I might be returning my new DCX3510-M.  I might wait till it's matured enough.