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DCX3510-M  Lip Sync issue

Question asked by roddruy on Feb 23, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2015 by [shaw]heather

1. How do I open the DCX3510-M  HD Dual Tuner DVR settings to access Audio Lip Sync delay ?

2.  The manual says that there is a Lip Sync setting under the  "Additional HDMI Settings Screen ".

3.  My connection is :  cable-in to DVR  --->  to  Samsung Blu-Ray DVD   --->  to  Samsung Plasma TV ;  ..... connected to the Blu-Ray 5.1 surround system.

4.  All speakers are set to proper distance / MS & tested with Disney WOW calibration disc.

5.  Tried setting Lip Sync issue with both TV  &  DVD  settings; ...but no go.

6.  Also tried setting Lip Sync using Disney WOW calibration disc, "A/V Sync Test".     (Test screen was just going crazy...could not adjust with either TV or DVD settings).

7.  I just had DCX3510-M installed a few weeks ago & Tech guy hooked everything up.  TV - DVD - DVR.

8.  TV lip sync setting are 0-10-20-30...etc.  ;   DVD lip sync settings are 0-25-50-75....etc.    Cannot adjust either separately or in conjunction with each other to get proper TV lip Sync.

9.  Anything I !!!