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Internet has been EXTREMELY slow compared to usual...need help!

Question asked by hng on Jan 1, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2013 by kevinds

So like the title says, my internet has be EXTREMELY slow compared to usual. YouTube videos won't even load, I can't even have certain sites load, and I can't even go on to check my internet speed because it gets stuck at the 100% as show here:


You can even see in the screenshot that in the tab next to the current page, as I'm typing up this discussion, the loading "circle" in the tab is still circling showing that it's still loading.


Anyways, I've called into Shaw tech support twice today already, and they said they couldn't find anything abnormal. Readings seemed fine, they checked out my neighbors internet and their internet seemed fine. Tech support also had my disconnect my power plug to the router as well as the coax (the white cable with the needle) then reconnect and still, the internet was pretty slow. I've done everything tech support asked me to, and they can't solve the issue either. They suggested it might be an "off" day and sometimes waiting it out might correct itself but it's been slow since I've woken up today. I guess it won't hurt to mention that since I couldn't load on my computer, I downloaded it from the app store onto my phone (which took forever to download btw). I took two test results and this is what I got:


First test: Download: 0.46 Mbps / Upload: 0.98 Mbps / Ping: 93ms

Second Test: Download: 0.39 Mbps / Upload: 2.85 Mbps / Ping: 93ms


My PC is connected to my router with a cable, and my phone is wireless (of course), but even so, it shouldn't be much of a difference. This is a previous connection test result of my internet from and on average, this is what my connection usually looks like even if the date of the test was on11/23/2012:


Compared to to before, the connection at it's current state is ridiculous. I couldn't even load my previous result and I had to link my friend to tell me what the results on it were to ensure it was a previous connection test from my connection.


Shaw tech support also mentioned that it might be of "weird issues" in which two they listed were, water getting into the box outside (not sure what the box outside is called) or the box outside getting really cold (which might be a factor because it was 0 degrees Celsius out last night.


Shaw has booked an appointment with a technician to come to my home on Saturday, January the 12th to come and see if there's anything wrong but that's like two weeks away and my winter break will be over then. It's booked so far away because it's New Years / Winter and everyone's backed up because of it, as well as a previous date which I won't be available at home then. I don't want to be home, dealing with extremely slow internet until my break is over.


Hopefully my internet issue will resolve itself soon but if it doesn't I'll have to wait until a Shaw technician to come over two weeks from now. So I'm posting this to see if anyone has any similar issues and any solutions / suggestions to solve this issue. Post here if you need any additional information from me. I will reply as soon as possible as I'll be home for New Years..dealing with extremely slow internet.



Thank you, and Happy New Years by the way.