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MLB TV????????

Question asked by dodgerguy73 on Feb 27, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2015 by [shaw]joel

NBA League pass??? Really?  And WWE?????? Come on already Shaw. Could you please get a premium channel that people will really watch. I am ready to leave, and go to Telus! I cannot get an answer from anybody as to when Shaw will be getting the MLB Network or if they are even trying to get it.

Another channel Telus has is KVOS (Bellingham) MeTV.  Nobody at Shaw has a clue as to what this channel is. And why is it that Shaw has this channel in Victoria and Vancouver, but nowhere else????????

I am fine with knowing that Shaw is trying to get these channels, but I am not fine with nobody having a clue in hell as to what I am referring to when I chat with a rep, or file a dozen channel requests! Enough already!

I could go to Telus tomorrow, and be completely happy getting the channels I want!

So Shaw, let me ask you another question..........Why should I stay with you and not switch to Telus Optic??? ( I'm not holding my breath on an answer either!)