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Shaw's Arris DCX3510-M Firmware ?

Question asked by roddruy on Feb 28, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2015 by [shaw]ralph

Hi All,

Anyone else have this problem..???  :

     You get Shaw's Arris DCX3510-M  HD Tuner DVR installed & your TV 's LIP-Sync is way out of whack !!!

     No matter how much you fiddle with either the TV , DVD player or any other Audio Delay settings,... you still cannot get lip-sync right !!!


Now here is the issue :

  Shaw's Arris DCX3510-M manual says it does have the capability in the Additional HDMI Settings Screen User Settings Menu to adjust the VIDEO , AUDIO & Closed Captioning configurations of the set-top.


It says this : 

" The Additional HDMI Settings menu configures advanced options that affect the operation of the DCX3510-M with other HDMI and DVI display devices. Adjustable options include display mode, color space, audio output mode, and audio lip sync delay".


Soooo , ........ Why does not Shaw have this Firmware configured in ????      All Shaw lets you get by going into the User Settings is the Resolution change option; 1080i, etc.


Would it be to much to ask for Shaw to update these Firmware features so you can tweak your TV's picture & audio ? , ........ Noooooooo !!!!!   

....When I went on Live Chat about this; all the Techie said she could do was "RESET" the HD box & maybe send out a service Tech.      This does not solve the problem !!!

...Come-on SHAW !!!    You want us to have the best;..... then give us the best !!!!

.... a little Firmware won't kill !!!!!