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Rose Bowl Parade

Question asked by disappointing on Jan 1, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2013 by [shaw]andrew

Don't know if anyone else had this issue, but I felt so strongly that Shaw dropped the ball on this that I wrote an email (which they will no doubt not give a crap about, nor do anything to fix the issue for next year)

Follows is my email...

This is not so much of a question as it is a HUGE complaint….

I have never been impressed with Canadian television, to me it has always been like being in the third world or Russia where you are forced to watch something inferior just because some brainless bureaucrat has deemed it necessary to the national public good, but today I will speak out!

My family has been watching The Rose Bowl Parade every New Years Day for freaking EVER and the last few years with Shaw it has been next to impossible to FIND. Today we go searching for it and find it is only showing on ONE channel, that is RIDICULOUS! The Rose Parade is second only to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in popularity and you have it showing on ONE CHANNEL, and it isn't even in HD….WTF is wrong with you people????

Hold on, maybe you have good reason, maybe the other stations are showing mind-blowing shows…lets have a look

What awesome shows have your selection of US broadcasters have on instead of showing one of the most watched parades in the country?? Ok on the Parade site its says it is being broadcast on ABC CBS NBC, Hallmark Channel and HGTV

On ABC you are showing College Football…the same game which is being shown on FOUR other channels hmmmm nothing unusual there sometimes its the same game on SIX channels.

On CBS you have the ever awesome Let's Make a Deal and a REPEAT of  DR. PHIL YAY

On NBC you have REPEATS of The Doctors and Dr Oz (because you can never have too many shows that tell people how SICK we all are)

I do not personally CARE wtf is on a channel based on stupid emotional gift cards,  I don't even know if we get that channel in Canada, but I wouldn't  subscribe to the Hallmark Channel anyway.

On the HGTV channel you have a marathon showing of Extreme Homes (because we LOVE to see home we all can never afford to LIVE IN)

Yeah I can really see why you didn't have it showing on any of those channels, one would HATE to miss any of those stellar choices of entertaining viewing! : /

Anyway we search for Parade and find it on CW, a channel which we do not even subscribe to, but since it will be a HUGE disappointment to NOT see it after 30 years I call and subscribe to it, 5 minutes later we put it on it is NOT HD and the picture is blurry and HORRID! We are VERY angry by now and THIS is the last straw!

I am told I am to pay 10 dollars for these extra, useless, NON HD channels and must keep them for a MONTH!

I have NEVER been overjoyed with Shaw cable channels, you have far too many duplicated shows on numerous channels (and thats not only because of the time-shift or normal versus HD options), your PVR and On Demand services are laughable compared to the US variety (where you give one of two selections for a handful of the shows they give whole complete season of numerous shows (I know this as I lived in the states for over 10 years)

This last disaster has been the end…I shall start looking for other options to your terrible service!