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Shaw Global BC Volume levels during commercials

Question asked by rwb on Mar 4, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2015 by shaw-ken

I just installed a new TV yesterday and have set up an audio option for 5.1 through the Home Theater system.  I have watched the Morning News on Global BC for years......until now.


I've found that as soon as the news breaks to a commercial the volume level goes up dramatically, so much so that it HAS to be turned down.  When programming returns to the news I then have to turn the volume back.  This volume increase is across the board and does not discriminate from one commercial to the next.....its ALL of them.


Now I thought that as the new player in my set up was the TV perhaps it was the culprit.  I then switched to Breakfast Television in Vancouver, CTV Morning News, CBC Mornings News and several Seattle Network affiliate morning news shows (KIRO, KING etc) all in HD.


In every case the volume remained constant from their news programs through the commercials.  Clearly this is a Shaw Global BC  issue....


Look forward to hearing some feedback on this issue as in the absence of a fix I'll have to move on from Global BC.  I'll have to wait and see if this anomaly is just with the Global Morning News or if it extends to all the broadcasts on this channel.  (211)


Thanks in advance....