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Remote control slow, quirky

Question asked by shrimpie on Mar 9, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2015 by shaw-jason

Hi, the slowness/quirky problem with Shaw's remote has existed for about week or so and has gotten worse. The problem came out of the blue. Because there are a few other problems that may or may not be connected, I'll list them too.


Our digital box is Pace, PVR is iomega, digital remote is Shaw Atlas remote.


I checked the articles here:  Digital Box not responding to Shaw remote

Most refer to the remote not working at all. Ours works but is very slow and quirky. We put in fresh batteries to no effect (Soln3) and tested Guide, etc, on front of box and they work (Soln 2).


1. The main thing that is slow is changing channels. The lag time is 10-15 secs. whether keying in the channel number or using the up/down arrows.


2.The remote control is programmed to turn the tv and pvr on simultaneously, with the tv coming on first. All of a sudden the Pace box has a lag of several secs. before coming on.

3. Keying in 3-digit channels is difficult and quirky. For example, 223 may result in Ch 2, Ch 22, occasionally Ch 3. This now happens every time. Keying 227 may give channels 2, 22, or 7. Eventually it works. This suggests that pushing remote buttons sometimes triggers the infrared sensors, but sometimes not.


4. Long-standing problem: When the tv first comes on, increasing or decreasing sound has a long lag phase. Each night we set the sound level at 15 before turning the set off. When turned on, I can push the 'increase volume' arrow many times without any increase in sound, then all of a sudden it's at a really high level, e.g, 60. This suggests it works, but again does so slowly.


5. When first turned on, sometimes the screen says 'warming up' (or similar - I can't recall exactly). Then it becomes more responsive.


6. Sometimes it takes awhile for the Guide or List to appear. More likely to be slow when first turned on. Later it works normally


7. Perhaps unrelated, but we've noticed that PVR recording shows (mainly Ch 49) sometimes doesn't work, i.e., just doesn't record although it gets listed in the List as if it did. Other times, no problem.


Please advise ASAP as our tv is pretty close to being useless right now. Thanks.


Cheers, Pat