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Still being charged rent on returned HD box?

Question asked by sb2015 on Mar 10, 2015
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My father who lived in a seniors residence moved rooms last year.  He was told to leave the Shaw box in his old room when he moved.  The new room had a Shaw box from a previous resident but it was replaced with a new one after Dad moved in.  After Dad passed away in January of 2015 we handed in the Shaw box to the Admin Assistant at the Seniors residence. We were told to return the other Modem box in Dad's room directly to Shaw, which we did.  Now, Shaw is saying that they have no record that either of the HD boxes were returned so Dad's account continues to be billed for the rental until we return the boxes.  The Seniors residence says they no longer are given paperwork when they return a box to Shaw. They just hand the box to the Shaw employee who comes to the Seniors Residence.


So, we are no longer being charged for the Modem box which was returned but are stilled being charged for rental on the HD, until we return the boxes (which we cannot do because we no longer have them).  Obviously Dad is no longer using the HD box as he is dead.


Have others had issues with continuing to be charged rental after returning equipment? If so, was a "third party" such as a Seniors residence is involved?

and what kind of safeguards are put in place by Shaw to protect vulnerable Seniors from being cheated like this?