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Which TV Parkage do I have?

Question asked by biglar on Jan 1, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2013 by dustin.

I wanted this in billing but could not selected. Was reviewing new channels being offered by Shaw in Shaw Friends site (which I have) and noticed


FX Canada is now available to Shaw customers

FX Canada boasts a distinctive roster of critically acclaimed and award-winning dramas and hit comedies. FX Canada programming delivers a compelling, cliché-obliterating viewing experience unlike any other channel.

Available with the following television packages: HD Plus, Digital Classic, Best of HD, Premier TV with Best of HD and SPP Movies.


However when I selected FX on my channel list and go to view I get the black not subscribed to this channel. As Shaw FX is only available in certain packages I went to my bill to see which package I have. Well it doesn't say, only lists a bunch of items. So which television package do I have?