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Looking to get a new HDPVR

Question asked by scottyp on Mar 12, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2015 by [shaw]jeff

I am looking to replace my old MPEG-2 HDPVR with an MPEG-4 HDPVR. I have a couple questions to ask.


I noticed that some places have DCX3400R, I assume the "R" means Refurbished? Also, what kind of warranty would getting a DCX3510-M on Easy Own have? What kind of warranty would refurbished hardware have, such as a DCX3400R?


And anyone who has used both the DCX3510-M and DCX3400 is there any major differences between them?


Lastly, I noticed a couple people mentioning recording problems with their DCX3400 (I'm not planning on using an extender), and there have been Shaw reps that have said it was due to a Firmware update, and that they were working on a new Firmware update to fix it (Posts were from February), has this been resolved yet? If not, is it a widespread issue? (I don't see many threads about it, but enough for me to ask.)