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Gateway Feature/Improvement Requests

Question asked by gamerguy on Mar 13, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2015 by gamerguy

Some stuff I've been thinking about for some time but have not posted til now. (Some more important, others less important.) Though possibly mentioned in other peoples posts. Feel free to add anything you may have thought of that I didn't but would improve the experience. (Reduce button presses, lesson clutter, etc.)


Important (To me):


Option to remove additional unwanted icons in the main 'Menu':


'PPV' and 'Messages'.


(Not currently removable under 'Menu Customization')



Series folder:


1.) When there are 7 or less episodes in a series folder, page down/up (ch down/up) should go to the last/first episode no matter how may episodes there are. Currently it does not. Again, it's cumbersome as is.

2.) Option to sort episodes in series folders so oldest recorded episode is listed first not last.




Multi-episode delete:


Make it so we can highlight a series folder, and then 'tick' the episodes we want to delete rather than having to do it 1 by 1 or by entire folders. Once again, it's cumbersome as is.


Same would be nice for clearing stuff out of 'Wishlist' I've since changed my mind about.




'Wishlist' and the 'Clear' button:


I can use 'Clear' to delete recordings, cancel a recording request, but I can't delete something from my 'Wishlist' with it.




'My PVR Recordings' tab Search:


The number buttons should be used to jump to the corresponding letters while searching 'PVR recordings'. Hit the 2 button three times would take you to the first title starting with 'C' for example. (Added to 'Search' in 7.1 firmware update but not functional in 'PVR Recordings' yet.)




SOD tab 'Wishlist'/'My Orders' position:


They should straddle the orange separation line. They are inconveniently placed as is.




Less Important: (Geek mode!)


Tuner selection:


Add a 'Tuners' option under 'Menu' so we can see what each tuner is doing and can go to any one of the 6 at any time.




User controlled HDD options:


I would be nice to be able to tell it to use the external expander first then the internal HDD, or vis versa.


Mark the episodes (under 'Info') as to which drive they are on.


The option to move stuff currently from one HDD to another would be nice too. (Would help rescue content should an HDD start to go bad but is currently still salvageable.)




Please consider.