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PVR issues DCX 3510-M

Question asked by ldkiehlbauch on Mar 15, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2015 by rebs

I am becoming very frustrated with my 3510 HD PVR box. Service cuts out often, prevents me from recording, viewing recordings, fast forwarding, or deleting recordings. This happens at random intervals, but especially during evening prime time. I have tried unplugging and rebooting the box - this used to fix the problem for a few days but now doesn't work at all. A new problem arose today - I can't get the Guide Or Menu. Can anybody help me?


UPDATE: I no longer have a picture, although still have sound. Message in PVR window is 'CnEr'. Caannot change channels. PVR is supposed to be recording; I'm pretty sure it's not.


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UPDATE #2: on fourth attempt to reboot, error message alternates between 'CnEr' and 'PSLd'....Also, no longer receive anything. Lol - recording light is on! VERY FRUSTRATED!


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