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Where exactly are my recording stored (3510)

Question asked by mistiblu on Mar 15, 2015
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A simple question that I cant seem to get a straightforward answer to:  Where exactly are my recording stored when i'm using a 3510?

I've asked this several times of your phone techs and no one seems able to give me a straight answer.  They've all talked about modems and signals and such but not answered the actual question.  My old PVR (6416) had 2 physical hard drives on which my recordings were stored.  i could watch them, delete them ,etc no matter if I had a signal or not just like a computer would.

I suspect the 3510 does not physically store my recordings at all but they are stored on your servers or on "the cloud" somewhere and it retrieves/streams them when I want to watch them.  This seems to make sense as when there is something wrong with the network or the signal, I cant watch them or I can watch them but cant delete them.

And just what does this "modem" do that they keep talking about?  is it what is used to stream my recordings?

An actual straight answer with some explanation would be much appreciated!