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3510 new problem re remote ... And I'm done

Question asked by budsgirl on Mar 16, 2015
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last night programs wouldn't delete or stay deleted.  Tonight, the pvr stopped responding to the remote, stop on a channel then suddenly change one up or down then stop again.  Went really sluggish then would change one up or down again.  Finally had to unplug it.  now the remote is working but sluggishly.


I am honestly at my wit's end with this machine.  It has been 2 1/2 months of misery, with nothing but problems and constantly unplugging cords and re-setting.  I am going to move my 3400 back into our main room and when it dies, I am going to have to try Telus.  i have my phone and internet with them anyway.  up until I bought this latest pvr, I was very happy with Shaw but this has done me in.  I am  really disappointed that Shaw continues to sell this machine when it has so many problems.