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Shaw Portal turning off by itself

Question asked by e-man24 on Mar 17, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2015 by e-man24

Hello, I have searched this forum but could not find an answer to my problem.  In my living room, I had a Pioneer PDP-5080HD TV and everything is connected to my receiver (Pioneer VSX-9040TXH) including the Portal.  Everything was working great.  I recently replaced the Pioneer TV with a Samsung UN65H7150.  I can watch TV during the day but sometime during the middle of the night, the portal turns off.  The clock on the front panel disappears.  Once I stayed up late and the portal turned off around 3 am.  The only way to get it working is to unplug the power to the Portal, wait 30 sec, and plug the power back in.  Even this does not always work and I have to do this several times.  I called Gateway support and this is what I have tried so far:


-Exchanged with another Portal in house but same problem only in the living room. 

-Plugged the Portal to a different power bar and directly into wall outlet

-Changed HDMI cables

-Plugged portal to a different HDMI port on receiver

-Turned off Anynet+ (TV) and Kuro Link (receiver)

-Connected Portal to an HDMI switch (read that in another forum)


Nothing has worked so far.  I was going to try plugging the HDMI cable from the portal directly to the TV and plugging an optical audio cable from the Portal to the Receiver as a last resort.  But why is my portal turning off by itself only in the living room?  Has anybody else seen this problem before?  What else can I try?