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Numerous software bugs in HD guide

Question asked by dgorsuch on Jan 1, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2013 by shaw-lance

The HD box is great, to a point - no problems with picture or sound, or in directly tuning to channels.  HD content is automatically selected where duplicated with SD.  Where I *am* running into problems is with the various on-screen guide options.


The first problem was a reminder set which expired while the HD box was turned off (I went to bed before it came up).  The next day, the reminder was 1/4 on the screen and wouldn't turn off.  I unplugged/reset the HD box and fortuneately the problem was resolved.  I have decided I can do without the reminder feature for the time being but it would be nice if I could rely on not having to do a unplug/reset every time I miss a reminder.


More frequently I've been seeing some serious issues in the various guide options.  The small mini-guide at the lower left would no fly-out, or would show blank/black spaces where current content should show, or the future listings would only go ~10 hours forward, or the channels would only tune up to ~243/down to the music channels.  The "traditional" grid guide would not show, or would show with some listsings from other channels greyed out and overlapping the first few rows, or wouldn't tune up past a certain channel, or close unexpectedly.  The quick-guide strip at the bottom of the screen would not flip up past a certain channel, or show the wrong channel when called, or not flip up or down to other channels.  At times the new full-screen grid would not show at all.  Once, the none of the guides were responding to the butttons.  As with the reminder issue, doing an unplug/reset has fixed the problems for now, but based on experience from the last couple of weeks I expect this to come up again shortly.


These all speak to problems in the software or firmware in the boxes.  Doing a manual unplug/reset every few weeks should not be necessary.  Are these known issues, and are they being addressed?