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One Moment Please - FAMHD, DXDHD, YTVHD (just started today)

Question asked by dlow on Jan 1, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2013 by hitesh

Did Shaw do something with some of their HD channels today?  Yesterday these channels were working fine but today we keep getting the dreaded "One Moment Please" message.  It used to be we would only get this message with HD channels like HGTVD and FOODH but now more channels???  I've been living with the intermittent reception on HGTVD and FOODH but now my daughter's channels too (FAMHD, DXDHD, YTVHD)?  I'm in Burnaby, BC and using Motorola DCX3400-M boxes.  Same thing is happening on both boxes in my home so it's not isolated to just one TV.  I think there are a few other channels too but can't remember which ones right now.