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wifi extender dlink dir-505

Question asked by tazz on Jan 4, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2013 by [shaw]ali

Hey all..


   I am having an issue with wifi extenders.. seems they all don't want to work.. this is my third one a dlink dir-505.. nice little unit.. but it when set to repeater and done as instucted it took over my wifi network.. worked too good.. even booted my desktop off the internet and it is hardwired.. but when unpluged everything went back to normal.. so i call in shaw support.. they sent a tech out.. who replaced my modem but could not get the dlink to function due to not being able to log into it.. sounds fine.. but now i can not log into the new modem at all.. keeps telling me incorect password or phrase.. i can not see the tech changing the settings and thus i tried the usual.  reboot desktop.. reset button on router.. unplug router reset and plug back in one at a time.. nothing seems to be able to either reset the modem or allow me acess to it.. have tried it on wifi and desktop (hardwired).. internet works fine and i have not tried to implement extender..

any ideas