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HDPVR Guide and favourites

Question asked by shawuser on Jan 5, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2013 by barriecuda

We have had the DCX3510-M for about a week now and have to admit defeat.

All the instructions state that setting up a user favourite list enables those channels to appear in the guide.  I can only get the full guide to show.

The favourites only appear in that weird mini-bar which only shows the programs that are active (re-phrase that: programs that I have missed). I want to see upcoming program times for the next few hours for my selected channels.

Another question: To save wasted button presses, how do I remove the unwanted favourite lists such as HD, Kids, Sports, Comedy, Reality, etc....

So far my opinion of this new box:  Some good features, but mostly very retrograde.  If it wasn't for the recording capability I would be back to my old box in a flash.