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HD Guide Issues

Question asked by sonny70 on Jan 6, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2014 by zathras
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The new HD Guide is riddled with problems:

  • Takes around 5 seconds to start up and another 3-4 seconds to load each page.
  • Pressing any button before the previous action has been performed results in the hourglass or freezing.
  • Sometime it just freezes for no reason and takes 30 minutes to return to "normal".  The only fix is to unplug and reboot (which I've been doing daily).
  • Some program descriptions are wrong.
  • Category colour coding (movies, sports, etc.) doesn't work for all programs.
  • Pressing Guide to change the view results in the program in the preview pane suddenly being trimmed (rather than going to the next view).
  • Pressing page up or down occasionally activates the PVR playback mode.  Other times, it just freezes the image in the preview pane, which grays out and the unit become unresponsive.
  • Audio stops working and the ony way to get it back is by changing channels and then returning to the old channel.
  • When the Guide time changes to the next time slot, it doesn't allow you to click on a show in the new time slot.  You have to exit Guide and try again.
  • Not all SD channels are replaced with HD.


Just a few issues we're having with the new DCX 3510 and the HD Guide.  As a result, the TV stays off more than we are comfortable with, given how much we paid for the device and our cable bill.  Shaw is aware of these problems and we're really disappointed that it's taking so long to fix.  Would appreciate hearing from the community from others having similar problems and from Shaw on how they plan on making this right with their customers.