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Cisco DCP3825 and Firefox 17.0.1

Question asked by firegryph on Jan 5, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2013 by kevinds

Im having a few issues logging into the router with FF 17.0.1.  On multiple computers running the same version of Firefox, each comes up with the same errors and issues where the screen is all...  disjointed.  The background graphic displays properly sometimes, but the input boxes are a page lower than the background.  The 'save settings' button shows an error.

Such as below.  Just now, trying to log in I entered the username and pass, and it returns this screen to me.   A refresh of the browser and it takes me back to the log in screen.   Ive been able to log in just earlier today, but all the pages get messed up.





any help?  Reason why this is happening?  IExplorer seems to work fine to log in, but I dont really use internet explorer...   Might this also be related to another issue Im having with connectivity, where skype calls are dropped randomly and Ive been experiencing some jumps in latency, packet loss or disconnects in games?