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unreliable service for more money

Question asked by christephenson on Jan 6, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2013 by kevinds

Hi there,


i'm not sure what the cause/problem is, but in the past 3 months i have noticed that my internet is becoming more and more unreliable.  i am not pleased about this, since the cost went up around the same time.  i have to reset my modem almost once a day, some times many times per day - and i am more frequently losing my connection and have to re-connect several times in a session.


i have more dropped calls than ever before on Skype, and while just talking with my parents i had to re-connect twice during my Sunday call home.


so what's going on?  i'm on Vancouver's North Shore and this is hardly as densely a populated area compared to the suburbs where i was living before.  i have recently returned to school and i do not have time to figure out why this service is not reliable in my area - and i certainly don't want to pay more than 55 dollars either.  is this a method Shaw uses to convince people to pay for higher and higher speeds?  my Calgary based friends do not have this frequent problem, so perhaps you could explain what is happening to Shaw Internet in the Lonsdale area of Vancouver...?


thank you for addressing this issue,