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When will Shaw support Netflix Super HD?

Question asked by aslam on Jan 8, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2013 by stofty

Just wanted to check and see when Shaw Internet will support Netflix Super HD?


I'm in BC and I used the Netflix Super HD test page to see if my 50 MBps Shaw Internet connection had access to Super HD. Unfortunately it reported that my ISP is not configured for Super HD yet. You can run the test yourself by going to this page:


According to that page: "Netflix Super HD requires that your Internet Provider is part of the Netflix Open Connect network. Please contact your Internet Provider to request that they join the Netflix Open Connect network so you can get Super HD."


I did a bit of digging and it appears that membership in the Open Connect Network is free for the ISP. Netflix will give them a free storage appliance which they place on their network so that Netflix video streams are coming from inside the ISP's network and not from the main Netflix servers. This would probably actually save Shaw some operating expenses. You can read more about it here:


So Shaw Management, when will the Shaw network get on Netflix Super HD and the Open Connect Network?