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capped speeds with BB100?

Question asked by benlim on Jan 10, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2013 by hitesh

I have BB100 in Saskatoon.  In the past (last summer) I would normally get speeds of 30-70 Mbps, depending on time of day.  Starting in Nov. 2012 after a power outage, my connection speeds cannot go beyond 7 Mbps, any time of day.  Two service calls and several reprovisionings, got back to my normal speeds.. for one week. Since beginning of Dec. 2012 my internet speeds have been stuck at 6.1-6.8 Mbps.  This is tested with direct connect to cable modem (only connection) on a clean, up to date computer.


A third service call was scheduled for Jan. 8th, 2013.  The weekend prior, I was so frustrated (couldn't even skype with family), I power cycled my modem one more time (just for the heck of it / off chance) and low and behold, was able to get back up to 60 Mbps.  This lasted until I decided to test an idea on the night of Jan. 7th, just a day before the scheduled tech visit.  At 1:33am, I did a and got 57 Mbps.  It was ranging 20-60 Mbps all through the night during peak times.  I power cycled my modem to see if it could obtain that speed afterwards.  Once modem restarted, I redid test at 1:39am, and I was back at the slow 6.7 Mbps.  Throughout the night I could did not have one reading reaching 7.  They were all 6.2-6.8 Mbps.  I continue to test it at different times of the day and still get the same speed, ~6.5Mbps down, ~ 1Mbps up.  This compared to my previous of 30-60 Mbps down and ~4.5 Mbps up. 


Every phone call I've made to support results in being told that it's network congestion / node saturation.  I kept the Jan. 8th, 2013 service call and showed the tech my speedtests as well as my 1:33am powercycle test resulting in a drop in speeds.  My node saturation at that time according to him / logs was only 25% and I was getting 6 Mbps.  The tech could not explain why I seem to be getting the same 6.5ish Mbps down speeds at all time of day especially at times with low congestion and with no variance.  He commented that there was another gentleman in my area whose speeds seem to be limited like mine.  A new cisco modem was tried / provisioned with no change.  Node saturation at that time was around 70%.  He was going to talk to the "network guy" the following day and get back to me.  I have not heard anything yet.


And yes, I have already tried all the suggested things to do in the FAQ's.  All my tests are direct connect to cisco modem.  Can one of the shaw employees / mods please look into my account?  Is there something not set correctly?  Is my modem channel bonding correctly?