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Slow speeds = not impressed. Maybe a question here will generate a solution.

Question asked by bill.rossi on Jan 10, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2013 by mixmastermike

We're on Extreme here, and we've had poor performance since last year. And I mean poor. 1-2Mbps service. Pings skyrocketing to 2000+ms. Observed transfer speeds from sites like YouTube peaking around the 100kb/s range.



Speed tests confirm we see 1-2Mbps down, and anywhere from 0.2 to 0.4 up during peak hours. Off peak isn't much better; a single VOIP call cannot be sustained on our connection without dropping or breaking up within minutes.



We have been through all the steps, several times. Reboot. Safe mode. Direct, wired connection to the modem bypassing any 3rd party routers. Different routers. Different modems. No virii here, no saturated connections. The wife and kids are on social media occasionally, and we stream the occasional HD content to either a tablet or the TV. There is no excuse for not being able to use a high speed connection for our usage needs.


Since January of last year, three different Shaw technicians have been here to check the connection to the neighborhood, the connection to the house, and fiddled with all our equipment here in the house. I've sent packet captures with WinMTR direct to technicians. Everything starts (or should I say slows) at the first Shaw uplink to the neighborhood.



These technicians all came back with the same answer; our neighborhood is oversubscribed.


So, during peak hours, we cannot stream a single thread of HD content without interruption, have DNS timeouts, and horrendous lag while doing simple things like surfing to social media sites.



This is not acceptable.



In the last year (issues started in January of 2012), we have been told every time we start a new support ticket and get a new technician out here that "upgrades will happen within the next 6 months". Well, here we are folks, a year later, and not only is it still occurring, it's worse now. Nearly every day we need to power cycle the Shaw modem just to restore connectivity. Online gaming simply cannot occur; the packet loss is too severe and happens too often.



Is there anyone here on these forums that can turn this failure into a success? I'd love to start talking about how great the Shaw experience and service is again; I've been a customer ever since broadband high-speed rolled out in Calgary with the beastly white Motorola modems in the 90s, and it would be a shame if I had to switch to different KoolAid.