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Wireless/Wired communication problem.

Question asked by mdell72 on Jan 11, 2013
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Proir to upgrading to the Broadband 50 package and the Shaw gateway service, I was utilizing the provided Shaw cable modem running to a Netgear N900 wireless router. I was using the Netgear for both wired and wireless connections. After the upgrade, Shaw installed the SMC modem/wireless router unit, and I didn't have need for the Netgear router. After living with it for a period of time, it was apparent that the SMC lacked the wireles range needed to reach the top floor of my house (SMC unit is in the basement with the Gateway equipment) so I installed the Netgear router into the network by connecting it to the SMC via ethernet cable. The Netegar router is located on the top floor and is connected to the SMC via an ethernet port in the wall.


I have another 3 devices wired directly to the SMC (2 PCs and a PS3) and all of the wireless devices are picking up their internet connection via the Netgear. All of the devices can access the internet and there are no problems with connectivity. The issue I am having is that the devices connected to the SMC will not communicate with the devices connected to the Netgear router....i.e. my PC will stream content to my PS3, but not to my tablet. Wired devices talk to wired devices and wireless to wireless but that is it. Is there a way to set things up so the the second router and it's devices are part of the original network and not running on some kind of sub network? Streaming is my biggest concern, as all of my media is on my PC but there are several wireless devices in the house that I could be streaming to but they can find the PC...tablet, bluray player, A/V reciever, smartphones, etc.


I would llike to know how to configure my network to make this happen as I am also considering adding wired devices to the Netgear router upstairs as well  and just want everything to communicate.