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Others in Vancouver W/E on BB50 with slow, inconsistent, dropping Internet?

Question asked by mrfessenden on Jan 11, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2013 by [shaw]jeff

This is both the opening to a question and a discussion: Is anyone else in Vancouver's West End experiencing inconsistent, lagging internet, dropped connections?


Typical scenarios:


• Terrific download speeds, things purring along nicely- even astonishingly fast- then ... nothing. A complete drop of connection. For up to 20 seconds, sometimes more, after which services gradually improve.


• Watching TV on Pace PVR, everything terrific, then ... a splash of digital static, a drop in the program, or (my personal favorite) up to a 5 second delay  between audio and picture sync. (And don't tell me it's the PVR HD, I've already reformatted that twice. try again). Only solution? Restart PVR.


• Downloading video: fast, fast, fast, then... "buffering". For up to 20 seconds. This is on a low-quality (270) video, too, not high-quality (720+), which is unwatchable)


• Video chat with one or others, everyone chatting without incident, then ... blooey, the chat collapses due to insufficient data. These are work chats, and this happens everyday. UNACCEPTABLE. I might add that I'm already restricting my bandwidth on these connections to attempt to troubleshoot the problem.


Spot a theme? The problem here isn't one of speed - in general, that lives up to or exceeds expectations - but one of consistent data transfer (or perhaps more darkly: some sort of throttling mechanism that kicks in, but I have no proof of that). At no time does the modem itself, or the router (an Apple AirPort Extreme, correctly configured) display any apparent sign of distress or loss of connection.


What appears to be happening is bursts of data, followed by a hang somewhere. While the "bursts" are delightfully fast, almost every service I use requires consistency over speed.


I've tried everything I can think of (PVR drive reformats; network resets, moving the base station, hardwiring devices, you name it), and I have a fast Mac and the latest Airport Extreme. (I work for an Apple Dealer). When I started talking about this problem, I began to discover many others encountering similar problems. And here's the kicker: I didn't have these problems with the exact same gear on Shaw in Edmonton.


So, it's time to chime in: Anyone else? Are there solutions?