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For all the slow youtube people

Question asked by mikekb on Jan 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2013 by kevinds

I've been having extremely slow youtube downloading as have a number of people posting in these forums and I believe I've found the problem but I need some more people to try this to back me up.


This is starting to look like shaw is purposely slowing down youtube traffic and here's my proof:


I go to a random HD video on youtube (I used -

   - Switch video to HD (1080p, gear icon after the video progress bar)

   - Right click on the video and click "show video info"

   - as the video loads watch the "HTTPVideoPlayer, HTTP, 0 kbps" (3rd line) that 0 kbps will blink with the speed your downloading the current video chunk. For me this was about 1500kbps - 2000kbps and the video was constantly buffering and unwatchable.


Now sign up for a free proxy (I used | Personal VPN Service They offer a free 15 day trail with no credit card info needed, just an email address). You'll have to install their proxy software but once its running close all your browser windows and then  rerun the same above test on the same video and notice the download speed. Doing this I get about 30000kbps which is about ~30x the speed when not on a VPN.



This has to be shaw throttling youtube traffic. Once your going through the VPN all your traffic is encrypted so there is no way to see what your requesting so there is no way they can throttle.


Can someone confirm these numbers?