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Is this acceptable?

Question asked by merritteavestrough on Jan 15, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2013 by kevinds

For the past 4 days this is what im doing with my Shaw Xtreme plan:

-I play NHL13 on Xbox360

-i get DCed in the first period (every single game)

-i Port Forwarded

-i set up a DMZ host

-i power cycled

-i speed tested(yay i have a "EXCELLENT" connection, that cant keep me in a game)


and then i called Shaw... they came up with "Im not sure what we can do for you."  and sent me on my way. Im doing my best not to be unreasonable but if "your area is over saturated and you have to realize shaw is a big company" is the best you can do... Im willing to help releive some of that saturation.


Anyway I would love to hear from some1 that can help me, i had this issue before and it fixed, but id like to at least understand why it is so far under par and when i can expect the service that is at least Acceptable.


Not to mention, i was called in Sept 2012 and offered "FREE BASIC CABLE"... no surprise, after actually looking at my bill, i pay $22 a month for that little Freebie.